Math Challenge: Pi Day

Today, I am going to make a quick post about today. It is March 14 and as such is widely regarded as Pi Day, since the North American method of date expression MM/DD produces 3/14 (~3.14) today.

Elsewhere in the world, today’s date is 14/3, rendering the association of today with Pi Day rather mute.

This has led @republicofmath to propose in #mathchat that July 22 (22/7) be considered Pi Day as well. This proposal has the added benefit that July 19 (19/7) could then be e Day, making the two part of a grand Irrational Week!

I like this proposal. It not only involves the rest of the world, but it combines π and e in one celebration.

In the meantime, I think I will defer my math challenge to the Pi Day Challenge.

You might also be interested in How Pi Works and Vi Hart’s anti-Pi video.

Have fun and enjoy your Pi Day.

I wonder what other irrational and transcendental numbers can be approximated by division of 7? 😉