On Videos

It is July 22 and I was hoping to upload my first video, a humourous take on my last post, and add it to that post by today. I have been itching to create and publish a video for a long time. I’ll spare you the excuses and just admit that I missed my deadline.

Well, actually, I didn’t.

My first video, which I created in 2003, is now dysfunctional. It has fallen to the harsh reality of technology upgrading. What used to run quite smoothly, had a catchy tune, Whispering Bells from The Del-Vikings, and had two video clips, Two Spheres of Earth and Whispering Waters, that seamlessly fit that tune, has now a title very aptly chosen: Haunting Catastrophe. 😀

The video was meant as a lab assignment, the audience of which was the lab instructor and me, so I did not worry about copyright. I did credit the guilty, including myself, but I had no need to ask for permission for any of the clips.

If you followed me on Twitter back in February, you will likely remember my campaign to get permission from A&E to clip a Mr. Bean video for my Noticing the World post. I never did get permission, but Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson?) was generous enough to clip and upload the video for me exactly as I asked. (Thank you again.) I linked to that clip since I still did not have permission to embed it.

Still, I thought you might like to laugh at my first video. So I uploaded it to my YouTube channel despite the copyright infringements in it.



Feel free to laugh at the end credits. 😛

And I will get back to that video I am working on for my last post.

Update: YouTube seems to have updated the video for me, so the credits work fine. Nice, and yet I leave you nothing to laugh at as I intended.

Videos like images serve many purposes in posts. They convey a lot of information in a little space. And they break up text into eye-appealing pieces.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand questions. If that sounds familiar, I said it a few times on Twitter. A video shows action and suggests change, continuity and flow. It entertains and informs and like text reveals more about the creator than the created. In educational posts, it opens inquiry and evokes emotion.

Videos teach, regardless of their content.

Video Stats


Duration: 5 sec
Effects: fade in from black, two-line fade in and out, fade out to black
Transition: none

Clip 1

Duration: 15.13 sec
Effects: none
Transition: diamond out into clip 2 (duration / overlap: 1.25 sec)
Name: Two Spheres of Earth (.mpg)
Authors: Tony Phillips and Patrick Barry
Created: April 22, 2002
Source: Space Science

Clip 2

Duration: 25 sec
Effects: audio silenced
Transition: spin into credits (duration / overlap: 1.25 sec)
Name: Whispering Waters (.mpg)
Authors: Ron Roy and Frank Josephs
Created: unknown
Source: Mood Tapes


Duration: 4.58 sec
Effects: scroll, up stacked, fade out to black
Transition: none

Total duration

47.20 sec (clip-by-clip duration: 49.61 sec)

Audio Clip

Name: Whispering Bells
Band: The Del-Vikings
Created: 1956
Source: Stand By Me Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Track 4, Atlantic Recording Corporation 1986, CD 81677


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